About us

The Hungarian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (HuPSA) represents pharmacy students studying in Hungary and fresh graduates.
Our main goal is to co-operate with other student associations in healthcare and to co-organize different congresses, trainings, health campaigns. We do so with the help of dozens of domestic and international partners in order to let our members have a peek look into the vast amount of possibilities of their chosen profession.
Our association is member of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) and the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Associaton (EPSA), therefore our members automatically become a member of both organizations. They can participate in their work and learn about international pharmaceutical issues, pharma students’ life and relevant worldwide news. In addition, by joining HuPSA, it is also possible to join the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Society (MGYT) which gives further chances of self-development.
We also offer the opportunity our members to improve their soft skills, which can be very useful, especially during our professional career. Well-rounded, highly-developed soft skills can be of great value to business success. For example soft skills can positively influence your ability to give a great presentation or communicate your speaking points effectively.
We think mobility is one of the most important factors in the pharmaceutical education to prepare the students to work as competent professionals. Therefore the Student Exchange Program (SEP) offers a unique educational and cultural experience by allowing students to explore the pharmaceutical system of other countries.
In the last few years the Annual Congress of Hungarian Pharmaceutical Students has become one of HuPSA’s biggest and most popular events. During this weekend we have plenty of programs in English for our international attendees: high-quality professional programs, trainings etc. together with some interesting sightseeing, cultural programs and an elegant gala dinner.

How can I join HuPSA?
You just have to fill in the registration form at www.hupsa.org or write an e-mail to info@hupsa.org.
Membership fee is 1500 Ft for half a year.
Application periods: 1 September – 31 October, 1 February – 31 March

Why should I join HuPSA?
As a HuPSA member, you can take part in several events at a reduced price. You can apply for a Summer Exchange Program (SEP) and be a member of a great team.
There are absolutely no obligations to normal members, however if you want to join our ever growing group of organizers, sign up for the HuPSA Team to participate the Association’s work. We’ll find the perfect fit for you!

For further information please check our Facebook page, or contact us: info[at]hupsa.org