What does CP mean? 

In relation of SEP, CP is a person who..

  • takes the SEPpers from the aiport when they arrive to Bp (either with public transport or with a car)
  • guides the SEPpers in their first day of their internship
  • takes part in social programmes
  • guides the incoming SEPpers through the city

last but not least, having fun with the incomings!


Seems a lot of work, do I have to do all these things which were mentioned above? 

No. You do what you take, but it is recommended taking part in more programmes, as you can make friends with our lovely SEPpers.


In which part of the year do I have to be available? 

Incoming SEPpers are in Hungary from early July until late August.


Do I have to be available for the whole 2 months?

No. As we mentioned above, you do what you take. If you can only take part in one programme, it still counts!


My English is not the best, can I be a CP? 

Of course! The best way to improve your language skills is practicing it.  😉

If I am a CP but my friend isn’t, can he/she only join us on the programmes?

It is not a problem, we welcome anyone who is interested in our programme.

I would like to be a CP but I don’t live in Budapest, what are my options? Is SEP in any other cities? Or can I get a bed in a dorm at Bp?

We are working on hosting SEPpers in Szeged and Debrecen as well, where you can join to our programme.

If you have problem with the accomodation, please contact our SEO by e-mail
When we are going on a programme do I have to pay for it?

Mostly our weekday programmes are free since those are sightseeing programmes. It only depends on you if you want to buy something (for eg. food & beverage). For the weekend trips to Balaton, Vienna, unfortunately you have to pay for your whole trip.
I need to do my internship in the summer, is it a problem if I’m only available at the afternoons?

No! Our programmes starts in the afternoon, depending on the responsible CP’s availability.

I applied for taking an afternoon walk with the students, how should I get in touch with them?

Usually we have a Facebook and WhatsApp group as well, where we can share all the details of our programmes.


Can I be a CP if I only go for one programme or only few times?

Yes, as I mentioned before, every little help counts.


What if my knowledge of Budapest or other cities is a bit low, is it a problem while I am guiding the incomings?

Most of the time, Google helps you in these situations.


I didn’t apply for being a member of SEP Team when the application form was open, can I still become one?

Yes of course! For further info, please contact our SEO by e-mail:


As a CP, do I need some extra skills to resume my duties? (for eg. cooking, driving a car etc.)

It isn’t necessary to have any extra skills, but a perfect CP is good at problem solving and organizing, as well as communicating.

If you have a driving license and a car, that will make easier to take the seppers from the airport, but still not in need.

In each month we host a Hungarian Night, where we cook gulyás or other traditional food. If you are a chef, you are always welcome on that programme. (If you are not the master of gulyás, you are still always welcome.)