Report about my SEP - Podonyi Boglárka, Portugal, APEF

SEP Beszámolók
2021. November 20 - 12 : 20
Report about my SEP - Podonyi Boglárka, Portugal, APEF
Imre Attila Imre Attila

My internship in Portugal was one of the most amazing three weeks of my life. Even though I have just finished my first year of pharmacy studies, I had the chance to take part in this Student Exchange Programme and learn some skills in a pharmacy in Lisbon. 

The main task I had to do was to put the incoming deliveries into the computer’s database. Also, the doctor and the employees taught me a lot of interesting facts about pharmacies in Portugal. During the exchange programme, I could forge friendships with many kind people from other countries, and they even taught me some Portuguese, Polish and Greek words and we are still in touch.

I had the opportunity to visit many beautiful sites in Lisbon, and fortunately I could spend a day in Porto as well. I really enjoyed my time there, and I can not wait to go back soon!  

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