Report about my SEP - Réka, Germany, BPhD

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2021. November 20 - 12 : 32
Report about my SEP - Réka, Germany, BPhD
Imre Attila Imre Attila


In a nutshell about my summer internship? Everything that I applied for  came true. I spent one month in a research lab at the Pharmacognosy Department of a North-German university, where I was involved in the work of a PhD student. We isolated compounds of a carnivorous plant, and investigated their biological effects. The field of pharmacognosy was familiar to me due to my student research activity in Hungary, so I could take part actively in the research work. I learnt a lot, acquired new skills, and had the opportunity to practice both English and German. After lab work, every day I could enjoy the great opportunities this cosy town offered: the river, the sea, the beach, fish meals, cultural programs, etc. I got to know fantastic people, and built valuable connections both on a personal and professional level. On weekends or after  work on weekdays we travelled to the vicinity with colleagues or fellow students. This way I could visit Rostock, Stralsund, Lübeck, the Island of Rügen, and Binz. Upon coming home, I got the answer for my question regarding career orientation, and was sure that research is my path to follow.

I recommend SEP cordially to everyone, and I am really grateful for the opportunity to Hungarian and German organizers as well.

Liebe Grüße, Réka

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