When is the deadline for HuPSA for the application to be on the database?

You should upload your application form until the 15th of February.


How does the selection procedure look like? 

The SEO does the pre-selection process. If  you will be selected, SEO will contact you and will start search internship for you. Once she will find a placement, she will contact you with more details.




Does the SEO arrange my VISA? 

No, but she can send you the invitation letter if it’s necessary.


Can I get an invitation letter to apply for my VISA?

Yes, you can.


To apply for my VISA I need a confirmation from the dorm. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. But we would like to kindly ask you to ask for it in advance, since it takes a couple days since it takes a couple days before we receive it from the head director of the dorm.


When should I schedule my appointment for VISA application? 

Depends on the country, please contact the Hungarian embassy in your country for more details. Please keep in mind, that scheduling an appointment can take more than 1 month as well, so we would like to notify you to schedule it earlier.


What if I can not schedule an appointment on time?

Unfortunately, we can not change the time range of your stay, so please make sure you schedule your appointment on time. In this unfortunate situation your internship has to be cancelled.


What if I do not receive my VISA on time? Can I start my internship later? 

If you receive your VISA a few days later ( max 3 days) it is possible for you to start your internship later, but it will be shorter that is was supposed to. If your VISA arrives later than 3 days, unfortunately your internship has to be cancelled.




Am I getting paid at my internship place?



How much does the accommodation cost?

It depends on which city you stay in. It is around 220 EUR.


Do I have to pay for the accommodation in advance? Is it possible to pay in cash?

You have to pay in advance by bank transfer.


I would like to have a private room, is that possible? 

Yes, but you have to notify the SEO about that. In this case, you have to pay the full price of the room, which is 440 EUR. You will get a private room, but bathroom and kitchen will be still shared with other students.


I am planning to stay only for 2 weeks in the dorm, do I have to pay for the whole month?

Unfortunately yes, due to our university’s rules.


My friends would like to visit me during my internship. Can I have guests in my room during my stay?

No, you can not have guests in your room. However, we can host him/her in the same dorm, but he/she has to cover its expenses. A guest room in our dorm costs 5000 HUF/person/night.


I would like to be placed in the same place as my friend. Is that possible? 

Yes, it is possible, but you should make a note on that in your application form, so the SEO can consider that.




Do you offer internships only in Budapest?

No. From this year, we offer placements in Debrecen, Pécs and Szeged as well.


What kind of research places are available?

Based on last year, we have placements in Pharmacognosy Department, Technology Department and Pharmacology Department, Immunology.. These placements are only available in July.


What does a work in a community pharmacy include?

Making magistral medications, dispensing prescriptions, interacting with patients.


What does a work in clinical-hospital area include?

The internships in clinical – hospital area are organized by the University Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Administration. The head of this institute is the Dean of Pharmacy at the Semmelweis University. The students during their internships firstly work at the university, where they prepare the medications for the patients in the Semmelweis Hospitals. The students have a chance to prepare infusions as well. Besides that, students can have an insight of clinical pharmacists’ duty, for example monitoring medical reports, drug-drug interactions, dosage calculation. However, clinical pharmacy in Hungary is not well developed yet, but they make really big efforts to change that.


What am I going to do if I am getting accepted to the research internship?

It depends on, in which department are you going to be accepted.

Department of Pharmacognosy – students learn how they can extract different chemicals from plants, and then they analyze it mostly with HPLC and GC.

Department of Pharmaceutical Technology – students can get a wild overlook of the different fields of the technology department. The students work together with the PhD students of the university, and participate in their everyday work.

Department of Pharmacology – students always participate in the active research project of the institution, so their work depends on the actual project.




When I arrive to the airport/bus station/train station, is anyone going to pick me up? 

Of course! One of our team members will take care of you on your first day.


Is anyone going to guide me on my first day to my internship place?

Yes, you don’t need to worry about that either. 🙂


Are there any social programs organised by HuPSA? 

Yes! In Budapest we are making social programs every day, we get to know each other, do sightseeing tours, hiking etc.

In other cities, it depends on your interest and on the cp’s availability, as this is our first time hosting SEPpers in those cities.

We are organising trips on the weekends as well based on our SEPpers interest, for example trip to Vienna, Prague and inside our country like Lake Balaton, Szentendre.


Do I have to pay for the social programmes?

Yes. Most of the programmes are optional and we organise the programmes based on SEPpers interest. Weekday programmes, like sightseeing are mostly free.

The most expensive programmes are the weekend trips, for example Prague costs around 30 000 HUF for a 3 days long trip.




Is it required to be experienced in the research in order to be accepted for internship in the research field?

The students, who are chosen for the research places are selected by the professors of each institution. It is not mandatory to do research at your home university, however, the students who participated in extra research work are preferred.


Is it required to speak Hungarian? 

No. We only provide internship placements where pharmacists can speak English.

But as you are a foreigner, you can impress locals with basic words like  ,,Good morning!” – ,,Jó napot!”, ,,Thank You!” -,,Köszönöm” or Your welcome – ,,Szívesen”. It is not required, but it is a nice effort.


What is the required minimum level of English?

Intermediate level or above.