What does SEP, SEO, LEO and CP mean?

SEP – Students Exchange Program organized by the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation

SEO – Student Exchange Officer: responsible for the whole exchange, internships, accommodation
LEO – Local Exchange Officer: can be different in each association, in Hungary he/she is mostly responsible for programmes, but in other countries (s)he is coordinating SEP locally

CP – Contact Person: guides you to your accommodation, internships, takes part in social programmes




How can I apply? 

Preselection process occurs from 1st November to 30th November 11:59pm. You have to fill the preselection form in which we ask about your previous (professional and non-professional related) experience(s), language skills, role in HuPSA and certificated extracurricular hobbies, like sports and art.


What is a pre-selection procedure? Why is it necessary? 

Every country has an exact quota which defines how many students we can register for this programme. Because of that, we have to select the best students based on their CV, motivation letter and their experience.


If I am getting accepted, is it 100% that they will find me an internship place abroad?

No, it is not. It can be possible that none of the three wished countries can provide you internship. In this case, the IPSF lets you to choose another, 4th country, for a last try.


How will I know if I have been accepted?

If your application will be accepted by HuPSA, you will get an e-mail by the SEO.

After you have registered on the IPSF webpage, you have to wait until your status changes to “reserved”, that means one of the SEOs is searching for a placement for you.


Does my university accepts my internship abroad into my studies as the mandatory internship?

In I, II and III year, it is accepted by our university. In IV. year, due to the 9 weeks long internship in community pharmacy is required to accomplish in Hungary, it will not be accepted.


Who should I contact if I want my internship to be accepted into my studies?

You should contact your university’s registration department.


Do I receive a certificate after finishing my internship?

Yes, but only if you fill the evaluation form on IPSF´s website


When am I going to know if I am getting accepted, or not? 

In Summer SEP, there is no deadline. Some countries will reserve you in early February, but it is possible that you have to wait until May for someone to reserve you.


I have already graduated, can I still apply? 

Yes, there are some associations which accept students who graduated, but bear in mind that HuPSA membership will expire after 2 years of graduation.






How the SEP team will help me? 

Depending on the country, optimally SEP Team will guide you to the place of your internship, to your accommodation and organise social programme, sightseeing events and weekend programmes.


Is anyone going to help me to plan my travels? 

You have to manage your travel on your own (booking flights, buying bus tickets etc), but before you book your flight, you should ask host SEO if your arrival and departure fits to their programme.

Considering programmes, you should ask host SEP association for details.


When can I go ? 

Depending on the host country, you can apply for SEP from May to September. More info here: https://www.ipsf.org/countries


Is it possible for me to stay for two weeks only?

In most of the countries yes, but please check the website for more details: https://www.ipsf.org/countries


What happens after I have been accepted? 

If you have been accepted by the host country, the host SEO will contact you as soon as possible and gives you more details about your stay.


How many countries can I choose in the database? 

You can select up to 3 countries in the application form.




Do I need to search for an internship by myself?

No, it is the host SEO’s responsibility.




Do I need to find an accomodation by myself?

The main task of SEP host association is to find an accomodation as well, therefore you do not have to worry about that.


Where am I going to stay? In a dorm, hostel or hosting family? 

It’s depending on the country you choose. For further information, please check IPSF’s webpage: https://www.ipsf.org/countries




Do I have to take care of my VISA by myself?

Yes,you do. For more information, please check the local embassy’s https://konzuliszolgalat.kormany.hu/ to make sure if you need a VISA or not.


Can I get an invitation letter from my host? 

Yes, but you have to ask for it.




How can I calculate how much money it will take? 

You have to cover all of your expenses: travel costs, accommodation, food and programmes. There might be some countries where accommodation is free. For more details, check the IPSF webpage. https://www.ipsf.org/countries

Is it true that I have to pay before I can apply in the real platform?

Yes, you have to pay a registration fee which goes to the IPSF and the HuPSA.


How much is the registration fee? Why do I have to pay that?

It is 30 000 HUF. This fee goes to the IPSF and the HuPSA, to cover SEP charges which can come up while organising programmes.


If I am not getting accepted by any country, do I get the registration fee back?

Yes, but only some part of it.


Am I getting paid during my internship? 

No, you are not.


Can I apply for financial support?

You can apply for SEP Grant, which allows you to have limited financial support from the IPSF. SEP Grant will cover only your travel expenses up to 1000 EUR. For details, please check the link: https://www.ipsf.org/article/ipsf-sep-grant-call-application-2018-2019

You should keep in mind that this support is really hard to get, you should NOT only count on this. Especially IPSF only pays AFTER your trip, not before.


Do I have to pay for the accommodation, food, travel costs by myself? 

Depending on the countries, there are some which provides free accommodation, but for more information you should check it on the website https://www.ipsf.org/countries

Besides that, you have to cover all your expenses.


Is my insurance covered by the host association?

No. You have to take out an insurance on your own.




What if my English is not the best? Is it required to have a language exam?

It is not required to have a language exam, but in our pre-selection process, we give extra points for that. However, your English knowledge should be at least intermediate, in order to understand your hosts through your SEP trip.


Is it required to speak the host country’s official language?

It can by vary in host countries, but mostly it is enough to speak English. Before you apply, you should check language requirements on IPSF webpage.


What if my grades are not the best? Should I try to apply for the programme?

Yes of course! In our pre-selection process, we do not consider your grades.


Do I need to have some skills to take part in the programme? 

As you may be on your own in a foreign country, it is recommended to have good problem-solving and communication skills.


Is it required to be a HuPSA member to apply?

YES. You have to be a HuPSA member and an IPSF member as well. If you applied for HuPSA membership, you are automatically a member of IPSF.


The application period to be a HuPSA member has already expired. Can I still apply somehow? 

Yes. Here you can find more information about how you can be our member:

For HUN applicants: https://hupsa.org/tagjelentkezes/

For ENG/GER applicants:



What should be in my Motivation Letter?

I know, it’s a cliché, but your motivation letter has to be unique. It should include your skills, experiences, your motivation why you want to apply for SEP. Moreover, it should be grammatically correct and suit to all formal requirements.


What should be in my CV? 

A good CV represents yourself. It has to be filled with your hard & soft skills, experiences, moreover your style as well.


Can I be a CP as well if I come back? 

Yes of course! You are more than welcome in our team.